Our Mission

To stimulate the economic growth of our members through high quality networking events, online and in-person educational and professional development opportunities, and forums for the small business community – all designed to help business leaders get engaged in developing beneficial, lasting relationships.

The Personal Power of Business

The iCommunity is a way to connect to other small business owners in the Washington DC Metro area. We offer our members exciting events and outings, powerful programs that are high in educational content and the opportunity to become involved with meaningful community service initiatives.

Our iCommunity is being launched with over 400 Intelligent Office members from our Rockville and DC locations comprised of a broad range of business categories from start-ups to established accountants, financial wealth managers, consultants, realtors, lawyers and healthcare professionals as well as members in the service industry. The common thread of iCommunity is that as the founders of small businesses, our members, are experts in their respective fields – progressive and savvy business people.

iCommunity events will fall into two different categories: premiere networking and professional development. We will offer a wide variety of events to suit all of our different members. Some events are larger scale while other events, like our professional development seminars, are focused on a more intimate group of 10-30 members.  

Our premiere networking events give iCommunity members the opportunity to connect to one another in a unique setting. Typical networking events could be a wine tasting on a rooftop in downtown Washington, D.C., an iCommunity suite at a Washington Wizards or Washington Nationals game, a golf outing at a local golf course or a poker night. Our goal is to host networking events that enable our members to make valuable business connections, while having a good time and experiencing something new or different than a traditional networking event would offer.

Professional development events will educate our members on topics that are important to small business owners, giving them valuable information that they can apply to their business operations. We already have lined up some powerful speakers in the coming months.

The iCommunity Online

Our website, TheiCommunity.com, is a portal for our members to connect to one another and get involved with the community. The iCommunity.com is meant to be an interactive website with social networking capabilities. Our members are able to visit the site to learn more about our upcoming events and register online and search for other members in the member directory that may be a suitable partner for their marketing efforts.

Through our detailed member profile system, we will be able to create and facilitate targeted peer-to-peer professional partnership meetings. This program will enable our members to be partnered with other members that share common customer profile elements in order to create profitable marketing partnerships.