The iCommunity was created with you in mind.  Working in partnership with local Intelligent Office locations, iCommunity provide IO clients with FREE access to an internal business engagement/networking and educational learning online platform.

The iCommunity goal is to facilitate events that enable clients and guests to make valuable business connections, while experiencing something new or different than a traditional event would offer.

iCommunity events fall into three different categories: B2B in-person networking, professional development workshops, and webinars.  These events will educate our clients on topics that are important to small business owners, giving them valuable information that they can apply to their business operations.

Member 2 Members Discounts: Intelligent Office clients have the opportunity to promote unique or special business offers to other Intelligent Office clients using a targeted offer “search and delivery” system.  READ MORE AND GET STARTED TODAY!

FREE IO Client Benefits Include:

  • Ability to post events on the iCommunity calendar
  • FREE to attend all workshops, networking events and online webinars
  • FREE to promote an Member 2 Member Discount (View Offers) to other clients & local business community - Read More & Get Started
  • FREE participation in the "15 Minutes of Fame" video club - Read More